First, I must explain the title of the blog, since this is my maiden voyage in the blogosphere world. For all the baseball fans out there, you will understand. I never did have the bat to hit it over the fence. That tract of land before the fence (the warning track) always seemed to grab the ball I hit, or, was it just my imagination that I could not hit it even that far? My brother on the other hand did get the “home run” genes. I am not jealous or anything. I digress.

In short, the title of the blog is a play on my last name- Powers (yes, I often get asked if Austin is my brother). I always managed to keep the ball in play in baseball and that is what I hope to do with my reflections on the field of education, parenting, sports, life, etc…. I enjoy reading and writing on topics I have come to know through my work in schools and as a dad who hopes to screw up less than he gets it right. As a teacher and administrator  I have learned a tremendous amount from my work and the people I have come to know. My goal with the blog is to occasionally write about my thoughts on the “field” (education that is- and occasionally some sports) and reflect on other important topics. I promise not to make too many baseball references. Play Ball!

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