Head(s) for the Day

It was not a regular day for Amadi B. and Chima B. Usually it would start with homeroom and a day full of classes. Today, they were in charge. They served as Head of School.


They changed the rules, allowed everyone to wear red for a tag day, added more recess time, had a working lunch with friends and allowed for sunglasses to be worn inside for the day. Chima said it was “fun” and Amadi gave the day a thumbs up. All in all, it was a good day but there were some good takeaways according to the boys.

Chima had an opportunity to postpone a math test today. He chose to take it instead and received an excellent grade. When asked if there was a leadership lesson there, Chima replied by saying, “If given the chance not to do something you might as well do it because you know you will have to do it later.” Some really good advice for those in leadership roles. Plus, he crushed the test.


Amadi had a great deal of fun throughout the day.  Between the hot chocolate and lunch with buddies, extra recess time and Chic-fil-a, Amadi was able to reflect on the day. He believes the hardest part of the job was “being responsible all day long.” Amen my friend. His advice for the Head of school would be to wear sunglasses all day because you can, have more tag days and make sure you get all your paperwork done. These points have been made and left for Mr. Powers to read through on Tuesday morning.


Until then, Amadi and Chima wish the entire Woods community a great Easter break.

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