The Best Year Ever


Welcome back to the hustle and bustle of a new school year. This year, it feels like we need the strength of a community more than ever. The 24-hour news cycle with the never-ending headlines that seem to be “one-upping” the next are a force we must combat. The kryptonite for such a force is to come together as a community and to be open to learning. Hey, that sounds just like being in a school.

As I have had the chance to meet with our teachers and students as well as gather as a community at our opening Mass, I have shared two “asks” that I have for everyone this year. They are simple, yet powerful, ways we will make this the best year ever. Build relationships and focus on learning. It is now time to loop in our parents. By building relationships, we are creating community. We are supporting one another, embracing what makes us unique, and celebrating together. When we focus on learning, we all grow. Nothing is fixed, we can always learn.

These are my asks of this great community of students, teachers, parents, and friends. Building relationships and focusing on learning are the responsibilities of all of us here at The Woods. In a world where political shenanigans (Thanks Jim Power for this word.) continue to pull us apart, a church is in turmoil, and we are bombarded by news every hour of every day, nothing is more important than providing a safe space where we can come together and learn. Building relationships and focusing on learning are good medicine for us all. It is how we will live our mission. It is how we will support each other. It is how we will make this the best year ever.