Power(s)ball Madness


The largest Powerball drawing ever is about to take place on Saturday night. With the numbers approaching $800 million, the lines to get tickets are growing my the minute. By the time you read this blog post, I may already be at my private cabana over the water (yet to be purchased) in Bora Bora.

That said, we had a great conversation at our house this morning about what we would do with all that money if we won. The conversation started after the news reported the way previous winners had spent their money. While the story showed a few had given some of their earnings to charity or to support a cause, it focused more on the excessive and dysfunctional ways people used their new found wealth. The line about winning the lottery and how it “changes you” was illustrated for sure; good, bad and ugly.

Yes, all that money would change things. FOR SURE!  The kids could not imagine how all that money could be spent. How could you? After each of us shared some fun ways we would spend it, we settled on this: “Yes, we will take care of our family, but we would spend the rest of our lives giving away the majority of the money where it was needed most.” While I may have added that we would find a nice house at our favorite beach, the consensus was clear. Everyone agreed with that idea and I was proud they did.

So, after I am bitten by a shark, struck by lightning, win a world series MVP and score a touchdown in the Rose Bowl (wait, I already did that), I look forward to spending a lot of money doing good things. That would be so cool and I am glad the minions feel the same way.

I mean, our name is Powers, how can we not win? Right?

P.S. See you Monday:)



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