The line about a picture speaking a thousand words came directly to my mind when I saw a picture of Pope Francis riding into DC in a Fiat.

pope francis fiat

Before Pope Francis uttered a word publicly on his visit to the US, he spoke to us all with his actions. The rhetoric coming from TV and the “so-called” debates the last few weeks has been humiliating to me as a citizen. With all of this noise around us, we then see how Pope Francis speaks to us. Actually, he doesn’t say a word at first. The first thing he does when arriving in America is he shows us who he is with his decision to drive to the Papal Embassy in a simple Fiat (I rented one once and it is a nice fun car).

We go from a humiliating series of political grandstanding events to a Pope that shows us the humility of a servant leader. Now I know I am biased, particularly because of my Jesuit upbringing, but religion and politics aside, being a servant leader who shows us the way is what I admire in a leader. The humility to be yourself, warts and all, and still be comfortable in a Fiat. That is a humble leader and that is what I aspire to be.

Rumor has it the Pope is supposed to be in a Jeep Wrangler for part of his visit to the US. If that is true, this only confirms he has good taste in cars.:).