A Deep Appreciation

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and a good reminder to all of us to thank our teachers. Our parents are our first teachers and our school teachers are just as important. We nurture, we challenge, we support and we stretch. Teachers do this with an eye on the individual in front of them. They often do this with that “third eye” as they know a child may need a little more in one direction or another.

Teaching has changed so much in the last 20 years. Teaching is a multidimentional job with the goal of promoting growth in children and young adults. Gone are the days where concepts were taught universally to all and you sank or swam as a result. The industrial age model of education is gone (it should be gone) and the prize of knowledge is not the commodity it once was. My smartphone will carry more knowledge than my brain can.

The difference is our teachers now promote a more active learning environment where creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, character and communication are emphasized. I had a meeting with a new parent about a year ago, and during that conversation they shared with me what they had “figured out about The Woods.” “You teach the kids how to think.” Our teachers in fact do just that. Thinkers are leaders. Thinkers are reflective. Thinkers create. Thinkers lead lives of significance.

So, as you thank your teachers this week (and hopefully every week), think about the depth of what they bring to you and your kids. They are living a mission in real-life time. A mission that promotes thinkers and promotes growth. Thank a teacher, they are growing difference makers.

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