Head of School for the Day- Emma S.

Today, I was a little more excited for school than a regular day. Today was not a regular day for me. Today, I was the Head of School. I started off my day by shaking everyone’s hands at the back door. I noticed that some students were very tired as they came to school. I then led morning prayer and announcements. I also played the song, Sugar, by Maroon 5, for the whole school to enjoy. I think this made people happy and woke up some of the students that were tired. I walked around the school and learned some new things, like the Examen prayer, creating a bumper car course and exponential growth. I was able to teach PE to the 4th grade and we played my favorite games.

Emma Word

When we were walking back to the office we saw the Fatheads with words describing graduates of The Woods Academy. So I decided to come up with a unique word to describe me. Since I love to play basketball and I love to do art, I came up with the word Swishartist to describe me. What unique word can you create to describe you?

Some things I learned while being Head of School are that time is very important, because you could have places to be at certain times. Knowing the time is important. Also, I learned that being very organized is important because you could lose important papers. Being organized helps you know where everything is. Today was a lot of fun and I enjoyed being Head of School. It is a lot of work, but it was exciting.

By, Emma S.


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