It Is What It Is

Each year in January we have the out with the old, in with the new phrases. As a relatively unhip person who spends most of his day with adolescents, I am privy to the hip phrases that take over the vernacular of teens and pre-teens. I am guilty of one particular phrase, however, “it is what it is.” I am not sure how “it is was it is” got so ingrained in my regular speak, but it did. I caught myself saying it again today! I was so hip to use a phrase that has become so overused. Not bad for an unhip guy but, it is time for me to bury the phrase.


While I am proud that I have never used the words “cra cra” other than in this blog post, I need some help breaking my bad habit of saying “it is what it is.” So, I employ all readers of this blog post (counting with my fingers and toes right now) to help call me out (politely please) when and if I use the phrase. A $.50 penalty will be my punishment for each use of the phrase. I will tally it up by March 15, 2015 and make a donation to one of the non-profit organizations we partner with  at The Woods Academy. A good two months to break this habit should be enough time.Thank for your help to ensure that I remain “unhip.”


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