Ever Heard of The Bammy Awards?

For the second year in a row I followed the Bammy Awards on Twitter. The hashtag #bammyawards says it all. “Oh, you have never heard of the Bammy Awards?” My apologies. They are the Academy Awards for educators. While it might seem like a funny concept, and I was a bit unsure of these awards last year, I love the idea that we have an awards showcase for something that matters more than just acting (my apologies to all members of the Screen Actors Guild- this is not a harsh criticism of actors).


The Bammy’s, held in DC the past two years, represent all that is good in education by incredible educators. I was happy to see that I was already following the vast majority of nominees and recipients on Twitter. The event, complete with a red carpet walk and sans wardrobe malfunctions, is one that may seem out-of-place, but rightfully celebrates, teachers, administrators and leaders in the field of education. Teachers do-not-do-what-they-do-for recognition, they do so for impact. It is nice to shine a “rock star” like light on people who deserve it. I imagine the “swag bags” have lots of highlighters, stickers and downloadable apps in it. I hope the folks at Prada, Vera Wang and David Yurman send you all some goodies too. Maybe someday this event will be on a Sunday night at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood too. Until then, I will proudly follow these great educators. Congrats to all awardees and nominees.

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