Yet might be the most powerful word in the educators arsenal of language. If it is not in your regular vocabulary, it should be. This time of year gets me thinking back on the last 10 months, especially as we have Montessori and 8th grade graduations coming up. So much growth has happened across all grade levels, yet there is always more to learn and more growth to take place. Graduations mark an end and we often associate “ends” with finished products. There is nothing finished about a 6-year-old or a 14-year-old for that matter. They are all works in progress. They may not have achieved at their highest levels, yet, but they will.

Yet is a powerful word because it explicitly implies that there is a belief that the child will get there, even when they may struggle with something. It sends a message that we believe in the child and want to be part of that “arrival.” We can use an example like, “Johnny has not mastered his times tables.” Better said, “Johnny has not mastered his times tables, yet.”

Yet applies to us as adults too. I am a firm believer that I will always be a “learner.” A finished product I am not, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever want to be. I love to share what I have learned with anyone who will listen, yet there is still so much more to learn. There is that word again. Whether it is reading, writing, watching an episode of “Mythbusters” or engaged in a conversation, I know I can and will learn more and something new.

As we get ready to embark upon a time of year to celebrate the “finishing” of school with graduations, let us do so with joy, knowing that so much has been learned and accomplished. Let us also be mindful that we have not accomplished or learned “everything”, yet. Yet gives us hope and a fire to learn more. It also gives our hand to those that need it when words like “can’t” , “won’t” or “isn’t” creep into dialogue. So, celebrate the year and keep the word yet readily available. And, use it liberally.

Head of School for the Day….A “Happy” Day

Gracie Cooper HOS for the Day 007

The day started off great as we danced to the song, “Happy.” We have never started school like this. After shaking many hands at the back door I wanted to try something different to start our day. I thought it would be fun for us to do some singing and dancing. This was the first thing I wanted to do as the Head of School.

Some fun things that happened today were having a pizza lunch in the Head of School’s office, calling my sister to the Principal’s office (that was really fun) and having PE with Mr. Deyell. He had to do extra sit-ups. We played with scooters and had relay races in PE. Not all of the job is fun. I had to tell an upper school student that he was out of uniform. All the teachers asked for a raise and all the students asked for no homework. It is a hard job that made me very tired. I would need a lot of coffee (and maybe some sleep) to do this job. Mr. Powers drinks a lot of coffee.

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All in all, it was a fun day. It was a “Happy” day. One piece of advice I would give Mr. Powers is we should start our day off with songs more often. I think everyone liked it. When asked if she wanted to be a Head of School one day, Ms. Cooper replied, “No thank you, it is too hard….but, we had a lot of fun today.”

-By Gracie C.