Trying Something New

I tried something new a few weeks back. It is called EdCamp. Most conferences I go to have a well planned out itinerary with a “big book” that lists all the sessions. I usually find a few that interest me and bounce from session to session. I have even presented at a few. Little did I know when I attended EdCampMetroDC a few weeks ago I would actually be sharing at the session.

I showed up at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart on a Saturday morning and the “Big Board” was already out. Educators from all over the DC area were in attendance and starting to put Post-Its up on the session board. This was the first I learned of what would be presented that day. Many of us stood there as if we were looking at the train schedule in Grand Central Station. The difference was this board wasn’t just telling you what the schedule was going to be. It was more interactive.

train grand central

Since I am still a big fan of Post-Its, I drew up the courage to share in one of the sessions. I wrote down my topic and posted it on the board. I was a little nervous but also excited to share in a session talking about financial literacy in schools.

The first session I attended was about using twitter as a professional development tool. It was great to hear and see ways people were using it to support growth. The session on financial literacy was great as well. I was able to share my experience and learn about what others were doing in their schools or planned to do. It was a great way to network and I have since set up meetings with some of the people I met there.

All in all it was a great experience I hope to be part of again. It got me thinking too (which is a dangerous thing). Why can’t we do EdCampWoods? What a great way for our teachers to share out as we start the year with professional development in August. Please take a moment to fill out the form below. Stay tuned for our experts and what they will share.

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