How to Respond…


I love this quote for many reasons. One that resonates with me lately revolves around how our debate team responded to a “thumping” we took in our first ever debate competition. Prior to competing for the first time, I made everyone on the debate team promise me they would come back to the team, regardless of how the results turned out after our first competition. They all looked at me with a puzzled look (which is often the case), but I wanted them to know ahead of time that this first competition was going to be tough.

The music to my ears came from team after team that came back to our table after they competed for the first time. We lost our first five debates, but each group came back hungry and “fired up” for more. I have never been so proud of failure. But failure it was not. The kids were hungry because they were not as successful as they thought they could be.

The afternoon results on that February afternoon were better. We won two debates and got some great feedback from the judges. Nobody left deflated and all talked about practice the next week. I was a proud coach. The quote above reminded me that we can learn more from not being successful. We will get better from this experience and the kids are “hungry” for more. What more could I ask for? Thank you @Principal_El for the wisdom.

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