Full STEAM Ahead

A few weeks ago we hosted a STEAM event for girls aged 4-9. A couple people asked, “What is STEAM?” Many already knew. The national movement to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is one that has our President promoting programs that will lead more American children into these fields and it is one we know is grossly underrepresented by woman. So we took a shot at getting some girls involved with a day of robotics, design and build activities and an arts unit. We thought we might get 20 girls. We hosted over 40. It was a great day that even got recognized by the girls toy maker GoldieBlox.


Many STEM related initiatives are starting to see the value in the A, the letter we added for our event. The Arts is so integral in the design and development of STEM that we can’t leave it out. Plus, when we looked at our program at The Woods we knew we already had the A as part of our S-T-E-M. These initiatives are important on a national level and they are essential for us in our building.

From a robotics curriculum and competitive team at our lower and upper school levels, to a rich fine arts curriculum that integrates with all subject areas in all grades to 3rd grade inventors in our Invention Convention, it is clear that The Woods Academy recognizes and lives the belief that STEAM is a priority for our kids. Just watch this commercial from the Super Bowl and read this article from Jessica Lahey, STEM Needs a New Letter.

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