Hello My Tweeps..Be a Follower

Catchy titles do it every time. I must admit, when Twitter first came out I was very skeptical. I did not think it would last. Well, I am here to say that I was wrong and I am a convert. I rely on Twitter for everything from breaking news, to weather situations, to educational resources, to help with my fantasy football team. I am connected with the best and the brightest and have easy access to these resources. It is the best priced professional development I could ever find.

All social media can be not-so-good in large doses (I have yet to find value in Snapchat), so I caution any new Twitter users to explore in small doses at first. Be a follower first, tweet or retweet once you get comfortable. Here is a link to a great resource from Sewickley Academy for parents who are new Twitter users.  All things are good in moderation, or at least most things are. Take a small bite and try it out. Twitter can be an excellent resource.

I have challenged our teachers to get on Twitter and connect with great educational resources. This year I will be attending my first Edcamp. This is a powerful learning community of educators who collaborate and organize local unconferences. Yes, I said unconference. Edcamp gatherings are free and are comprised of educators who share their expertise, often locally, with other educators in a format that gives the attendees what they want in regards to sessions. I will be attending my first Edcamp in March at Stone Ridge. Click here to read more about Edcamp. I will report back on my experience.

I share this example as something I was exposed to on Twitter. I continue to learn a great deal from this tool and use it as a resource every day. While I am not an advocate of posting every coming and going of my life in a tweet, I do believe it is a tool that gives us access to great ideas and information. I have evolved from just a follower of folks to sharing resources and my own thoughts at times. I am a consumer and producer. Check us out @TheWoodsAcademy and @josephpowers73 to see what we are consuming and producing. 

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