We are putting the finishing touches on one of our annual publications at The Woods Academy. WoodsNews will be out shortly and there is a great section that highlights The Woods by the numbers. Some truly amazing data that illustrates the wonderful school, families, students and teachers we have at The Woods. Measuring outcomes is important and we can show some great outcomes. Look for the publication in your mail and online.

One of the great topics in education these days is about Grit. Who has it? Who doesn’t? How do we teach it? Some will even ask, “Why is it important?” The last one is a silly question in my opinion. How gritty are you? Take the survey and you can measure it yourself. In full disclosure, I took the test and scored a 4. This puts me on the grittier side (a 5 is extremely gritty). When I share this with my wife she will tell me this only proves that I am stubborn. Finally, I have some evidence to frame my stubbornness in a positive light. Joking aside, grit is so important these days.

Setbacks are part of all of our lives and how we choose to respond is key. Helping our kids (and ourselves) develop that grit is so important. Angela Lee Duckworth has a short TED Talk below on the topic. She references one of my favorite authors, Carol Dweck, in her talk as well. I love Angela’s opening line where she talks about leaving a “very demanding job in management consulting for another demanding job, teaching.”

So, take the quiz. Share it with your kids or students. Click the link above, then report back.

And, consider reading one of these two books below. They are on the top of my reading list:

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