Falling Down and Getting Right Back Up

Last weekend I watched the Indianapolis Colts vs. Kansas City Chiefs game. What a great game! The Chiefs were hot and came out of the gates with full force, scoring at will. Andrew Luck did not help much with 3 interceptions. The game looked out of hand early, but Luck and the Colts did not give up. 28 points down is almost impossible to overcome, or is it? Mr. Deyell would be happy to point out his very own Buffalo Bills, led by Frank Reich, have the greatest comeback in NFL history.

One quick image stood out to me while watching the game. It was a quick shot of Andrew Luck on the sidelines with his helmet on and mouth piece in. It was after his third interception and he was waiting to get back on the field. The look in his eyes said, “I want the ball.” He could not wait to get back in the game, even after his failures. Most of us, myself included would have felt more than deflated being down by 4 touchdowns and having thrown 3 interceptions. If Luck was down (no pun intended) than he certainly was not showing it. There was something about the look in his eyes that told me he believed in himself and his team. That is a growth mindset.

The Will to Win!

The Will to Win!

Falling down and getting right back up is not easy, but Andrew Luck gives us a great example of how-to-do-it. Jim Valvano so eloquently delivered the line, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up,” as he spoke about his battle with cancer at the 1993 Espy Awards. Andrew Luck showed us last weekend what it looks like to brush off failure and work towards success. Not an easy thing to do, but something to aspire to. Luck is a Stanford Alum and Carol Dweck is the world renowned psychologist and author of Mindset. She is also a Stanford professor. I wonder if Luck took her course? I bet he did.

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