We all have memories that stick with us. For some reason they never leave us. They are vivid memories and at some point in our life we understand why.


Nelson Mandela’s passing reminds me of a February night when I was in high school. I was out running, getting ready for baseball season and it was dark out. I had just turned the corner on Westchester Avenue as I was heading about a mile from home when the song “Pride” by U2 came on the radio. The DJ announced that Nelson Mandela had just been let out of jail. A chill went down my spine as the song came on the radio that night. To this day, it still gives me a chill.

I can still picture the little yellow walkman in my hand as I ran and listened to that song that night. I can’t say I knew a great deal about Mandela as a high schooler but I knew enough to know the importance of that moment. All these years later that memory has only become clearer to me. That night running was the first thing I thought of when I received the text alert of Mandela’s death yesterday.

Thank you, Mr. Mandela, for leaving such a mark on me and the world.

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