Perspective in a Fast World

I know the school year is going fast when I see Christmas Bazaar signs up already.It’s only November 1st. All Saint’s Day it is and Fr. DaSilva gave a great homily today. “Be yourself and you are a saint.” Simple and powerful. The message provides great perspective. My take is anyone can be a saint, even you. While our saints should be celebrated and held up high, the message is they are among us. It was great to see the kids “get it” today.

Along the lines of perspective, I recently came back from a conference. It is always nice to get together with colleagues and share thoughts and ideas. The main presenters at the conference were researchers from Harvard University’s Project Zero initiative. Project Zero sponsors independent research that examines the learning process in children and adults. I always try to come home from a conference with at least one piece that resonates with me back at school.

Slowing things down to examine perspective is the pearl that stuck with me. As time seems to go faster and faster (maybe it is just me, or the fact that my daughter is turning 10 already), it is so important for us to try and slow things down a bit and gain perspective. In one of the sessions a researcher shared her story about researching global competency. She highlighted a great Ted Talk by Chimamanda Adichie. Click on the link to watch and hear her message about perspective.

As I sat and listened at the conference I felt proud of the work we are doing in this area. Our partnership with Hotcourses Primary School and the Nyumbani Community in Kenya are tremendous relationships. The kids are sharing their culture with one another, and in turn, are widening each others perspective. Hopefully this helps limit the “single story” as Adichie describes. Our world is just too flat for this to continue. A mass on All Saints Day and a partnership thousands of miles away. These are just two small (yet big) examples of how we are helping our kids gain perspective. Powerful experiences that will no doubt help significantly shape the way our kids view the world.

1 thought on “Perspective in a Fast World

  1. Perspective. A key word that often comes to me when life begins to seem too complicated. Thank you for working on raising this awareness in our children. LKD

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