Being Head of School for the Day

My name is Jack S. and I was Head of School for the day today. Last night I was thinking today would be so awesome. My day started with me shaking hands with The Woods Academy students at the back door. I liked it because it was fun to shake hands with my friends in the upper school. I met with Mr. Powers after shaking hands and we visited classrooms. I learned about square numbers in the 7th grade math class. Do you know any square numbers?

The most fun part of my day was teaching PE class to 3rd grade. We played dodgeball and soccer for the whole class. I also got to play soccer at recess on the upper field and had popsicles for dessert. These were really fun parts of my day.

photo 1

The hardest part about the job for me today was all the people who were asking for a raise or no homework. I did give no homework to the third grade so at least they were happy. It was also hard trying to give out popsicles to very excited first graders.

photo 2

I learned that being the Head of School is hard but fun. It is hard because you always have people asking you for things, but it is fun because you get to make rules (like playing on the upper field) and you get your own office. If I could give Mr. Powers any advice it would be, “keep students on task.”

– Jack S.

(Great words and great advice from our Head of School for the day)

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