I often write a blog post after I read something. A piece will resonate with me and there will be a point I want to share. Today, I write about how I have felt energized lately at school. The first day of school is always one that brings joy, anxiety and new clothes to school. One of my favorite parts of the day for me is greeting the kids at the back door of the school. A firm handshake, a square look in the eye and hopefully a smile set a great tone for the day.

The opening of school is a busy time and I felt my energy level rise this year as the teachers came back for two weeks of professional development and meetings before we “launched” school with the kids. It was a tremendous two weeks of learning, sharing and building for the year ahead. I felt my energy level rise as we, the faculty and staff, heard from amazing presenters like Dr. Robert Brooks, Glenn Whitman and Cpt. Rick Rubel. They focused on resiliency, brain based research for teaching and character.

Then came the first day of school. Kids=energy. We all know that as parents. They seem to have this boundless amount of energy that most often tires us adults out. I am famous for falling asleep only minutes after our kids go to bed. So, during the first week of school this year I found myself feeling more and more energized (even with lots of night functions). I was trying to put my finger on it. “I should be feeling pretty tired,” I thought to myself. As I stopped to think about why I was feeling this way, one word came to mind. Kids!

The same group that often zaps my energy was giving me energy. Dr. Robert Brooks spoke to us about empathy and how important it is for us as adults to put ourselves in the shoes of our kids. It makes us better parents and adults. The energy and enthusiasm our kids exuded as they started the year was giving me great energy and drive to get the year going too. Keep up the good work kids!

3 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Well said Joe. Student energy is contagious. I appreciate the feeling they give to me and hope that I reciprocate. The first two weeks of in-service provided insight and, like our students, a new energy.

    Here’s to a wonderful, significant year!

  2. Your comments are so right on, Joe. I think it is the underlying energy from the kids, as you alluded to, that allows us to feel exhilarated despite our adulthood! (exhilarated is out Word of the Week!)

    Have an exhilarating school year! Thanks for the great start!

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