Today’s Lesson is Brought to You by the Letter “C”

A “C” in school is rarely seen as a good thing. A “C” has always stood for average. Who wants to be average? As educators we are now rethinking the importance of the letter C (and I am not talking about a grade). “C” words have come to shape the most important aspects of what we do in schools. There is nothing average about the meaning of the words below for the present and future of education. The New York Times recently published an article highlighting what college graduates need to be “employable.” Words like collaboration, creativity, comprehensive and critical/ constructive thinkers are featured throughout the article. I would argue character should be in there as well. While The Woods Academy only runs through the 8th grade, it is imperative that we develop these essential skills. Ponder these “C” words for a few minutes and how vital they are in our everyday lives.




Critical Thinking


I am excited for this coming year at The Woods as we will be mapping our curriculum with a special eye on these skills. Our teachers bring them alive through daily instruction, project based learning, numerous public speaking opportunities, daily foreign language instruction, the arts and many more ways to come. Not only will our kids be “employable” someday, they will thrive with a faith-based education and key skills embedded in their foundation.  A foundation is what we build and a skyscrapper is what we will create with such a foundation.

To add two more “C” words to the equation, our new tag line is: The Woods Academy, Where Curiosity and Confidence Thrive. I could not agree more with this statement. It so accurately describes our kids and our school. Our kids have the curiosity to ask the question, “Can I create a robot?”, and the confidence to say, “Yes, I can.”

“C” you all in September! 🙂

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