Up and Coming

I was recently going back through some notes from a conference I attended and I came across a note I made, “be up and coming always.” I wrote a few months back about my good fortune to hear Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President at The University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC), speak. As some of you may know, UMBC has become a nationally recognized university for the math and sciences. Dr. Hrabowski is the catalyst for such well-deserved recognition. After all, he grew up a math and science kid himself. He is an amazing man with a rich history as an educational leader and child leader in the civil rights movement. 

One of the points he joked about during his talk was that UMBC has been listed by US News & World Report as the #1 up and coming school, again. How can a school be up and coming again and again and again? We all chuckled at his point, but Dr. Hrabowski said he would not have it any other way. “If you have arrived the only place you can go is down…up and coming means you are always striving for more.” I could not agree with the good doctor any more.

Striving for more is what keeps us fresh, hungry and in a regular cycle of learning. Schools must continue to embrace the motto of “up and coming.” In that light I am excited for our school and all that we are doing and working on for the future. From expanding our technology efforts to a defined marketing campaign to new curricular initiatives, the team of faculty, staff, students and parents at The Woods Academy are constantly looking at ways to grow. Congrats again to our 8th graders for an incredible acceptance rate (over 90% acceptance rate) into some of the most competitive high schools around. This is why we strive for more. So our kids have greater opportunities. As we head to a much deserved spring break, let us all reflect for a moment about how we can always strive to be “up and coming.”