My List…What is Your List?

I found the list below as I was roaming through facebook with my coffee this morning. It is a great reminder of what we cannot test for and a seismic reminder of what we, as adults, must foster in the children and in each other.


I have been working on a new blog post for the past few weeks on “my list”. The ten words or phrases that guide me, every hour of every day of every year. It is a mix of phrases, verbs, virtues, some wisdom and pronouns, in no specific order. Some of the language comes from books I have read, people who have led, prayers I have said and regular thoughts in my head. I am no Dr. Seuss but that does rhyme.

I recently read an article by Clayton Christensen, titled, “How Will You Measure Your Life?” It really resonated with me and was my motivation for this list. If you get a chance to read anything by Clayton Christensen I encourage you to do so. After reading his piece, I wrote to him about my thoughts. It was my first time ever writing to an author. The coolest thing happened, he wrote back and gave me another piece to read. Needless to say, I am a big fan of Christensen.

This is more than just a list for me. They are guiding principles and practices. Each word means something more to me. I wrote a few weeks back that I was moving from a resolution to a reflection model. The New Year’s “thing” was not working for me and I wanted to reflect more regularly on how I am doing. This list is no doubt a living list. It is a list I hope to live out, learn from, and measure where I fall short daily. Here it is:

1.”Be wise and simple…”

2. “To give and not to count the cost..”

3. Laugh

4. Empathy

5. Courage

6. Reflect

7. Family

8. “It’s a WE and an US”

9. Faith

10. Balance


11. Nimble…(I like saying the word nimble, but more importantly, it helps remind me to use my pivot foot when necessary.)

What is the list you will measure yourself by?

4 thoughts on “My List…What is Your List?

  1. Isn’t it interesting that the list of qualities not measured by tests are the very ones we value in others. Let’s continue to reinforce these as a community and perhaps more important to teach these to children who don’t possess them naturally.

  2. An inspirational list – especially around Lent. When I write recommendations, academics aside, I value these qualities in students. I will share one recommendation with you in private that I think speaks volumes of how students develop in this world! Thank you for sharing Joe!

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