I Knew Them When…

This past weekend was a great one for The Woods Academy. The Maryland State First Lego League Robotics Tournament took place at UMBC (a University hub for math, technology and sciences). Of the 314 teams that compete throughout the state, only 72 qualified for the state tournament. The Owlbots and The Green Machine, the two teams from The Woods, both qualified for the first time together.


The Owlbots Ready To Go!

I have been going to this tournament for three years now and it has taken me every bit of that time to figure out how it works and what I am cheering for at the event. By way of some background information, there are basically four components to the competition,presentations on Core Values, a Research Project, Robot Design and the Robot Table game (this is the only component spectators are allowed to see). The theme of the season this year is Senior Solutions and the development of solutions to aid seniors as they age. Our teams selected Alzheimer’s Disease as the cause they wanted to champion. More on that in a minute.


The Green Machine on the Table

Our kids competed so well. I had heard that both teams did a great job on their morning presentations and I watched the table games with anticipation. I left and found out through our Twitter feed @TheWoodsAcademy that The Green Machine won the award for Gracious Professionalism and The Owlbots took the Champion’s Award for 3rd place 0verall. Incredible accomplishments for both teams and their amazing coaches, Mr. O., Ms. Cunnane and Mr. Smith. I am so proud of our kids.

Nonetheless, their awards are not what I am most proud of. In doing their research on Alzheimer’s both teams set out to develop a solution that can aid those suffering from Alzheimer’s and assist their caretakers. The Owlbots have developed a “real life” app that uses facial recognition software, an ipad or iphone camera and voice prompts to help Alzheimer patients recognize their loved ones and prompt them with facts about those people to help with their memory dysfunction. The app really works too! It is amazing. What is more amazing is the kids are going to continue to develop this app, get it into the App Store, sell it for a minimal amount and donate all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research.

They were in this tournament to compete, but, in the end they will make an impact that goes way beyond a trophy (a well-deserved one at that). So, when the robotics program “makes it big” we can all say we knew them when….when they developed an idea to help others. That is leading a life of significance. 

3 thoughts on “I Knew Them When…

  1. Thanks for sharing, Joe. This is truly a great accomplishment for the kids, and the Woods community should very proud of the robotics program.

  2. The app sounds awesome and will help so many people. I love that the proceeds will be donated toward Alzheimer’s research. The Owlbots/Green Machine teams are making us all proud to be part of the Woods community. Way to go!

  3. What a wonderful area of research to support. As the graying of America continues and the life expectancy increases we will be challenged even more with persons living challenged with Alzheimer and memory loss diseases.

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