From Resolution to Reflection

Every year as we approach New Year’s, and we near the ball dropping from Time Square, I think of a resolution or two to make. As I was thinking about it this year, I kept coming up with the same “stupid” stuff I think of every year. It is time to do something different I thought to myself.

So I decided I am done with resolutions. I have cancelled at least three gym memberships over the years and still drink too much coffee (apparently drinking coffee is good for you now?). Three kids, running a school, my own inability to sit still too long and the periodic exercise keep me in decent shape. So, rather than making empty resolutions, I am going to regularly reflect. Sounds simple, right?

A little daily reflection will go a long way. I try to make this a regular habit, and it is so important to do. Maybe it is that Jesuit education that rubbed off on me. Reflection is something we can easily teach our kids to do too. As we wind down our day or start a new one, a little “what did I do in the last day?”, coupled with a thought or two about, “where did I go wrong?” and “where did I go right?” questions can only help. Looking inward before the next day starts is a great way to begin each day. That is exercise that does not include a membership initiation fee and a year long contract. It is also exercise that makes the results of the coming day, hopefully, that much better.

Here is to a happy, healthy, prosperous and reflective 2013 to everyone.

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