I have a new hero. Her name is Dawn Hochsprung. As we all wrestle with the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I cannot stop thinking of the principal of this school (and the children and families that lost loved ones). Maybe it is because I can relate to this story as a principal and as a parent. I have not been able to think of much lately other than hugging my kids, our school, the sorrow of this town and Dawn (and of course, our need as a nation to address the issues surrounding this horror).

WWDD? What Would Dawn Do? I know the bracelets that went around a few years ago with the letters WWJD, What Would Jesus Do? He did something heroic for us and so did Dawn. She gave us a light in the darkness of this day. I never met Dawn, and some day I will hopefully meet her in a place high above; however, I don’t need to meet her to know what she would do. Her heroic act to go and run to the epicenter of the tragedy tells me all I need to know about her. Her instincts were to protect those most vulnerable and she apparently did just that. Educators are not supposed to lose their life in the line of duty, but Dawn did. Her courage gives me strength.

She is my hero. It is hard to find any light in the darkness of this tragedy. Making sense of it is impossible. What I do know is there is a great school, led by an amazing principal, filled with 20  beautiful children and 6 wonderful educators in the heavens above that will teach us more than we can ever imagine about love, loss, the gift of life and a nation that must make some changes.

2 thoughts on “WWDD

  1. Thank you for your words as we struggle to process this overwhelming tragedy. It’s words and hearts like yours that provide light during such a dark time.

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