Kids Say The Darnedest Things

This should probably be a post that I write during Lent, but it is just too good to wait. With Advent approaching it applies now too. So, we were sitting in church on Sunday and my son Andrew was sitting one spot away from me in the pew. As the priest was delivering his homily it was clear that my attention span and that of the kids was starting to wander. The homily was completely lost on me the second Andrew leaned over to tell me something. I will explain.

Andrew leans over his sister and says, “Dad, do you know why they put Jesus on that T?” We were sitting up pretty close to the altar because we were a few minutes late to mass. The front of the church is always open when you get to mass late. I was intrigued by Andrew’s question and was wondering where he was going with it. It reminded me of the old joke about the kid in Catholic school, math class and “that guy” nailed to the plus sign. I was thinking that might be where Andrew was taking this.

I leaned back in to him and said, “No buddy, why did they put Jesus on the T?” Of course I was whispering, as the homily was still going on. As I waited for his “punch line”, I noticed that he looks up again at Jesus on the cross, then turns to me and says, “because we can Trust Jesus. That is what the T is for.” I was floored and clearly not expecting his response. His analysis was so right and so simply profound.

After the “stun” of his response set in, I leaned back into Andrew and said, “you are so right buddy.” I may not be able to remember the homily from mass yesterday, but I will surely never forgot the message Andrew delivered to me. Later, as we were leaving mass, I asked Andrew where he learned that about Jesus on the cross. “Trevor told me,” he said. Kudos to Trevor and Andrew for their wise and simple message. I think Andrew delivered the homily to me on this day. Kids do say the darnedest and most meaningful things.