Why I am Still Wearing Yellow

First things first, cheating is wrong. There, I got it out. It is not something that can be debated. It seems as if Lance Armstrong was a cheat when it came to cycling. I have no evidence but USADA apparently does. To be very honest, I could care less at this point. Like many, I am tired of all the cheating and the hype it gets. Two things I know for sure when it comes to cheating in sports: 1. We have a strong obligation to combat it, and we must. 2. It has gone on forever and will continue to do so (Rosie Ruiz anyone). Let’s not be naive, nor be complacent.

But Lance is different. The reason I am still wearing the Livestrong bracelet has nothing to do with cycling or sports for that matter. I have spent a grand total of about $10 on bracelets over the years (I am not in the Livestrong hall of fame of donors). The cause is what matters and the fight to find a cure is real. Sports is not real life. Cancer is. That little yellow bracelet reminds me there is something “bigger” out there and to keep that in perspective, daily.

“Cheaters never prosper,” may in fact be the case for Lance on the bike. But Livestrong is trying to cheat a disease and provide support for the many it has attacked. Yellow may be the color of the lead jersey in the Tour de France, but in reality it represents something bigger.

3 thoughts on “Why I am Still Wearing Yellow

  1. Good call….(But I still plan to compete ardently in all faculty athletic competitions ——–I was injured prior to the recent bowling event.)
    Furthermore, we chose to let the Headmaster and Assistant Head come out on top. {Be assured, I didn’t use steroids to break 100}
    Mr. A

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