Anything is Possible

This post is for all the people out there who have ever said, “I can’t do that, I don’t have any talent for……”. Fill in the blank here. We have all been there, especially the adults reading. My particular line was “I could not draw a stick figure to save my life.” I have always appreciated art, I just never felt I was any good at it. You should see the linoleum cut I did in college of a baseball diamond. My dad would not even hang it in our bathroom at home.

So, after seeing the amazing art at the Arts Celebration last year at The Woods Academy, I made a promise to myself and Mrs.Taverner, the amazing art teacher at The Woods, that I would learn to become an artist. I knew it would take a special person to “teach me up” as I had never really taken an art class, nor did I believe I could “do it.”

This spring I became a fifth grader and took acrylic painting with the class. I got my smock on, listened, followed Mrs. Taverner’s instructions and put my brush to the canvas. Little by little I started to believe in myself. The kids were encouraging and so was Mrs. Taverner. It was a blast to be in there with them. I learned how to show temperature, various brush techniques, ways to mix paint colors and proper light direction. And lastly, I actually produced something on canvas that looked like a painting. I am not auditioning for a fellowship at any art school, but I showed myself that I could do something I have always believed I could not do.

Anything is possible if I can be taught to paint, and more importantly, believe in myself. Our kids are so lucky to have a committed group of faculty who “believe” in the them each day. They believe anything is possible with the kids (and maybe even with an overgrown fifth grade art student). Earlier this year we used the line, One Woods , Endless Possibilities. I might amend that (in my case) to One Woods, Anything is Possible. Thanks to a great year of possibilities (8th grade acceptances and scholarships, tremendous drama productions, last minute team victories and national placement on French and Spanish exams) with a great team of “believers”.

7 thoughts on “Anything is Possible

  1. Wow, I have always been in that “I am not an artist club.” Your painting gives me hope! It is a joy to have you sharing this experience with the students as well.

  2. We believe it is possible to learn something new every day. Thank you for sharing your experience and your new found excitement for arts!

  3. You have indeed proven the ‘anything is possible’ axiom : we had a seamless transition at The Woods this year thanks to you and Andy!

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