What I Learned About Being Head of School, by Zubin

What I, Zubin, learned about being Head of School is that it is not easy. I used to think that being a student is much harder but now I think they are about the same. If you are a Head of School you have to send emails to teachers and parents, have meetings with teachers and alot of other things. This was a good experience because I learned all about the hard stuff about being principal. For example, one teacher asked for a steak lunch and many students wanted me to get them pizza. It is hard to give the whole school pizza and all the teachers a steak lunch from Morton’s. Making decisions is hard.

Although, there is some fun stuff too. You get to visit the classrooms, tell students to stop doing bad things and shake people’s hands in the morning. Many students liked that there was no homework for tonight and many liked the sports themed tag day. Those decisions were fun because it is nice to do things like this every once in a while.

When you’re Head of School you have to make some tough decisions. I really liked the job though. It was really fun. I hope I can do it again in 2 or 3 years. This was a great experience!

The following post was written by Zubin E., the Head of School for the day on April 11, 2012. 

10 thoughts on “What I Learned About Being Head of School, by Zubin

  1. Zubin,
    Great job indeed! After this experience, you now have a great mentor, Mr.Powers, to follow in his footsteps! I hope you can do it again too!
    All the Best !

  2. Hi Zubin,
    Thanks for stopping by my room and learning why we still have what appears to be a Christmas tree–and for finding out what my favorite football team is:-) I enjoyed talking to you, and I learned that you are ready for high school interviews–you have a nice firm handshake and look people in the eyes when you speak to them.
    Excellent job,
    Mrs. Piwko

  3. Dear Zubin,
    You were a terrific Head of School today. You made certain that we were all well fed and cared for. That you for the pizza and the donuts. Delicious! I want to thank you for taking the time with me when I came to speak with you about my concerns. You were there to listen to me about my concerns.

    Warm Regards,
    Dr. Handy

  4. Thanks for posting this blog Zubin. It sounds like a great learning experience for you and probably for Mr. Powers too. Good luck getting back to hommework and everyday uniforms!

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