Linsanity Transcends Sports

If you have watched the news, any news, over the past two weeks it would be hard not to have learned about Jeremy Lin, the Harvard educated point guard for the New York Knicks who has taken the NBA (and the world) by storm. I will preface all I am about to say by stating I grew up a Knicks fan during the Patrick Ewing era, as a native New Yorker (How you doin?-my poor attempt at a NY accent) and as a boy who dreamed about playing second base for the Yankees.

Jeremy Lin has had one of the best starts to an NBA career as anyone in the history of the game. Yet, he has been cut by several teams and was playing in the NBA “D” League (they need to come up with a better name) just a few weeks ago, prior to getting a chance to start with the Knicks. Boy has he made the most of his opportunity. Super Lintendo, as Jeremy has said is his favorite nickname so far, redefines the terms late bloomer and and diamond in the rough. How did so many teams pass up on him? Why is he now all of a sudden so good? Will he last? I will let the the sports folks answer those questions. Just turn on your radio, tv or twitter account and you will hear the opinions.

The transcending piece of all of this is the message that Jeremy Lin has sent to anyone who is watching or listening. Don’t ever give up. You never know when your opportunity will come. Jeremy Lin did not know this was “his time”, but he was ready for it. As educators, this message is essential for us to share with our students and staff. We are in the business of developing realized and unrealized potential. Jeremy Lin, so beautifully illustrates this. Carpe Diem! Jeremy Lin initially seized the day, and now has seized the world.

So this weekend I am going to the batting cages and will have Jack and Andrew hit ground balls to me at second base. If I am lucky a scout from the Yankees will be watching and I can get a “late” invite to spring training. And when I wake up from that dream I will remind myself that dreaming and hard work are not a bad thing, and preparing for “that opportunity” is what we can encourage our kids to do. Jeremy Lin was clearly prepared.

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