I just read a great piece about the importance of recess. In all the “cuts” that seem to be happening in the world of education recess seems to be the sacrificial lamb more times than not. In short, it does a body, and a brain, good to get out and run around a bit. Not to mention there is some great social-emotional learning taking place. If you asked me as a child what my favorite subject was, I would have said recess (no disrespect meant to the wonderful teachers I had- and I had many). So, in a David-Letterman-Top-Ten-List-Format, here are the top ten things I learned at recess:

10. Don’t trade baseball cards with older kids. I felt like the Red Sox trading away Babe Ruth for, hmmmmm, let’s see..almost nothing.

9. Wall ball is no fun when you play with a lacrosse ball. Ouch!

8. There is a math lesson in a pick-up basketball game. If you are playing five-on-five and three people are guarding you, then two people are open.

7. Pass the ball! You get more respect passing the ball than being a ball hog.

6. Get your homework done on time and you can participate.

5. Those with older brothers and sisters knew A LOT more (about everything) than me.

4. Boys and girls are not as different as cats and dogs.

3. Rain is just water. It won’t hurt you (lightening will, so get inside if you see any).

2. Dirty pants are a sign of effort (Mom may not agree).

1. Recess never gets old (I just got schooled in a pick-up basketball game and it felt great).