A Good Problem to Have

“It is a good problem to have.” I use this phrase all the time. This past weekend The Woods Academy hosted a MD State Robotics Tournament Qualifier at our facility. It was a “first” for us. Hosting the event that is. We have two robotics teams that compete in the state now, but when a site had to back out of hosting a qualifier tournament, Mr. O and the robotic’s minions said “yes” and boy did they put on a show. I say minions in the most respectable way I can. It took an army of people to build tables, set up classrooms, emcee the event, organize the food and “host” over 200 people on campus.

I joked with Mr. O during the festivities on Saturday that he and the “crew” of volunteers were doing such an amazing job that we were going to be asked to do this again. The words of one of the MD state First Lego League representatives went something like this, “we have never been bored at one of these events because we are needed to take on so many tasks. Your volunteers have it all covered so well that I am bored.” Setting the bar high is what we did. That is a “good” problem right?

I could not have been prouder to say I was part of The Woods Academy than I was this Saturday as I walked around, witnessed the pride our people took in their school and the envy of those visiting our facilities and feeling our hospitality. More than one parent remarked to me that we have a wonderful school. Yes we do and I took great joy in “gushing” over all the people in the green volunteer shirts. It was truly the “green team” that not only pulled off the event, but also showed the sixteen teams in attendance that the culture of our school is to proudly care about what we have here as a community. It showed!

When someone, in this case a group, is good at something the expectation is that you will be asked to be “good” at it again. The “problem” about being good is not actually a problem. It is a credit to those that poured their hearts, heads and hands into this work. So, I see it like this. We have a “good” problem here at The Woods- People who care so much that they will pour all they have into their efforts to show their pride in our school and community. Maybe more is expected of us. If being “good” is a problem, I will take it. How could I ask for more? Thank you to all who made Saturday such a great day!

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