National Day of Writing- Write In

It is now 9:15am and I am sitting with the 7th grade at our National Day of Writing “Write In”. We are in here all day. Mrs. Piwko just instructed us to write a piece today on a passion of ours. I am surrounded by 30 students with laptops and some with pens and paper. The brainstorming is fierce. Much of the dialogue around the table is about “remember the time when..”, or, “I think I am going to to write about..”. Mrs. Piwko walks the sidelines as the “ball coach”, instructing, advising and moving the ball along. The most amazing piece so far is the kids are genuinely excited to be in their room all day, writing. All day, writing. Now that is passion.

Keyboards are moving. Many of the boys are writing a script for a play to be performed later. Most of the girls are huddled around the desks with laptops talking about their assignments as they type away. I am jealous. I still use the “hunt and peck method”. So what is the passion that I am going to write about?

In 7th grade the passion would have been about baseball or the New York Jets. While both are still passions of mine I think I have grown up some since then. As I sit here and reflect a bit (with music flowing and every kid a buzz talking and typing) I think I am sitting in the middle of my modern day passion. It has to be creative education. Locked (not literally) into a room all day with 30 7th graders, writing, may be a punishment for some. Not for me.

I just came from the Montessori breakfast where the 3,4 and 5 year olds were “teaching” their parents “how to” do things. So creative and such an amazing foundation. And now off to Gettysburg to “hang with” our 8th graders as they learn about american history while walking the battlefields. So creative, so cool and so different from the days of yesteryear. Learning creatively. I guess that is my passion.